dry white wine Roditis

Product Description​

Quality Features

Greenish-yellow color. A balance between alcohol and acidity, with a good aroma of flowers, citrus, apple, melon, banana. Cool, thanks to its acidity, flavor.


Roditis hast taste known and dear to Greek cuisine. Highlights, fish, seafood, white meats with white sauces, minor tidbits. Accompany oily foods and feta cheese. Accompanies delightfully also fruits. Serve at 10 ° C-12 ° C.

Harvest – Vinification

The harvest of Roditis starts after mid-September but lasts until mid-October. Fermentation temperatures range around 17 ° C... The maturing and meteorological conditions are monitored systematically. The grapes are collected in crates and on the same day. After light pressure, all basic principles of modern white vinification are followed in refrigerated stainless steel tanks!

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