Erotikos dialogos


Product Description​

Quality Features

Red wine is a modern, fresh wine with intense fruity character. Deep red color with brick shines that impresses at first glance. The smell is intensely typical varietal aromas (green pepper, red fruit dominated by strawberry, red flowers) and sweeten the effect of malolactic fermentation aromas (chestnut cream, candy). On the taste, it is robust with a strong presence of tannins. Large and aromatic aftertaste.


A wine lively and fresh as erotic dialogue fits with excellence with cooked meats. The perfect accompaniment to hunt. Moderately strong cheeses, pasta with light red, and spicy sauces of Greek cuisine. Enjoy it at 14 ° C-16 ° C.

Harvest – Vinification

The grapes are harvested from 5-15 September, after systemic tracking of their ripening. The grapes are led to winemaking tanks after light breaking and removal of stems. Total skins contact does not take more than 7 days at a temperature up to 20 ° C and then fermentation is continued at 17 ° C. After the alcoholic fermentation and malolactic fermentation a follow stay for a month with fine lees and then a soft dressing, filtering and bottling.

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